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Cattleytonia Why Not
Ctt Goldbrad-1.JPG
Cattlianthe Gold Brad

At each monthly meeting we have a 'GROW & SHOW' table to display and discuss orchids grown by our members. We also have a 'SLOW PLANT' clinic for those orchids requiring cultural information.

About the

The OCEAN STATE ORCHID SOCIETY (OSOS) was organized in the fall of 2002. The purpose of the Society is to create, promote, develop and preserve a group dedicated to the education and enjoyment of all aspects of orchids.

Our membership is made up of orchid enthusiasts from beginners to experts who grow and bloom orchids on window sills, in greenhouses and orchidariums, and under lights.  We encourage you to visit one of our monthly meetings to see a group dedicated to sharing their interest in orchids.

Ascf Cherry Blossom 'Hawaii'-8.JPG
Ascofinetia Cherry Blossom 'Hawaii'

In addition to our monthly meetings, we participate in various orchid society shows in the New England area.  This participation includes setting-up displays of our orchids.  These shows are typically located in the Boston, Hyannis, and Hartford areas.

OSOS Display-1.JPG
OSOS Display at 2019 MOS Orchid Show

The OSOS is an officially affiliated organization of the

American Orchid Society and the Orchid Digest.

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